Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

Umbrella insurance provides a layer of insurance over the insurance you already have. Insurance policies have limits on benefits, and those limits may not be enough. Umbrella insurance raises the monetary limits of liability coverage. The experienced agents at HeadSouth Insurance in Canton, GA, want to help you review your current situation and make appropriate updates. We offer personal and commercial umbrella insurance.

High Wealth Individuals Need Umbrella Insurance

Individuals and families with high wealth need umbrella insurance. Umbrella Insurance protects against financial loss due to liability lawsuits. If you or your family member works in a high-profile profession, you may become a target of liable or slander lawsuits. Your home is your sanctuary, but you may also become a target for civil cases if it shows evidence of your wealth. The same is true if you own high-end cars, boats, or other luxury goods.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Covers Other Members of Your Household

An umbrella insurance policy covers relatives and pets in your household. People file civil suits for a variety of reasons. Your normally well-behaved pet may bite someone. Your teenager could unknowingly commit libel on social media. A friend's cousin sustains an injury at your pool party. You can't predict someone else's feelings of entitlement.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Professional Assets

One civil lawsuit could wipe out a large chunk of your business. You work hard to run a successful enterprise. Don't leave it vulnerable. Protect your company with commercial umbrella insurance. The independent agents at HeadSouth have experience with all types of industries.

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