Renters Insurance in Georgia

Some people are just starting out on an independent life, and they're renting their first apartment. Then, there are others who rent because they don't want the additional responsibilities involved in owning a home. In either case, those are people who should have renter’s insurance for purposes of protecting their personal property. A peril like a grease fire can happen that can cause damage to or loss of a renter's personal property that their landlord's insurance won't cover. Renters insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, and HeadSouth Insurance in Canton, GA can help you insure those items that are so important to your personal life wherever your apartment is in Georgia.

Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost in Georgia

Renters insurance through HeadSouth Insurance offers personal property coverage at actual cash value or replacement cost if personal property is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. Actual cash value is based on an item's value after depreciation from age and wear and tear are figured into an item's value. Replacement cost doesn't consider depreciation. We can help you make your choice of coverage based on what personal property you have. For items of special value like jewelry or artwork, we can even arrange for special coverage endorsements.

Renters Insurance from HeadSouth Insurance Provides Other Protection Too

Nearly all renter’s insurance policies also provide liability coverage. For example, if a visitor is injured by slipping and falling on a wet spot on your kitchen floor, a liability insurer will typically cover any settlement or verdict up to the amount of your coverage. If you're burglarized, your renter's insurance can even cover your personal property that was stolen.

Talk to a HeadSouth Insurance Agent About Renters Insurance Anywhere in Georgia

Protect what you own, even if you don't own a home. We can line you up with quality renter’s insurance at HeadSouth Insurance in Canton, GA. Just phone us or stop by and speak with one of our agents, and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.