Life Insurance in Georgia

It's never easy thinking about what will happen to your loved ones after you die. That said, you can lessen the stress considerably when you have the right life insurance policy in place. At HeadSouth Insurance in Canton, GA, we understand that knowing what to look for in insurance coverage can be daunting. We're here to answer all your questions and help track down the policy that best suits your needs.

What Does Life Insurance Actually Do?

A good policy will provide your loved ones with the means to carry on after you're gone and regain a foothold in life. Many people select their life insurance policies to help their family members cover funeral costs and any lingering debts they may leave behind. Basically, life insurance prevents your loved ones from having to suffer financially during an already difficult time.

What is Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance?

Not everyone may need insurance coverage throughout their entire life. So, term life insurance is an (often more affordable) option that provides coverage for a predetermined period of time. For example, some people may only want insurance coverage for 20 years, while they still have young dependents. Whole life insurance is meanwhile life insurance for your whole life, with no set term in place.

What Are Georgia's Life Insurance Laws?

While nobody is required to carry life insurance in Georgia, the state does provide quite a few benefits to those that do. For example, you remain protected even if your life insurance provider goes bankrupt or goes out of business for one reason or another (the Georgia Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association will step in). You are also entitled to a 10-day "free look" period, meaning you have the opportunity to opt out of a policy if you are unsatisfied.

How Do I Explore My Life Insurance Options in Canton, GA?

Give our team at HeadSouth Insurance a call when you're ready to start exploring your life insurance options, or if you simply have more questions. Our goal is to make the process easier for residents in the Canton, GA area and help everyone find the coverage they need. We look forward to meeting you!