Commercial Insurance in Georgia

While the state of Georgia only requires businesses to carry Workers Compensation coverage, as an employer, you can add additional coverages that protect your employees' salaries should the business be closed temporarily. This can be due to an incident that is no fault of the company.

Protect Business Property

The appliances, equipment, furniture, and any other property you may have for the business can be covered with commercial insurance. This property is invested in the business and can be quite significant if you attempt to replace it without insurance coverage. With commercial insurance, you can replace any damaged or stolen property from your business location. This insurance will minimize your out-of-pocket costs and allow you to get back to working as quickly as possible.

Protect Business Assets

As the business owner, you are ultimately reliable for any damages or charges that come with a lawsuit or liability claim. If your current insurance coverage is not adequate to cover the fees, you may have to dip into your personal assets to cover these costs. By having the appropriate commercial insurance coverage, you can avoid these expenses and protect both the business and your personal assets.

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