Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Georgia

We can make your boating adventures worry-free here at HeadSouth Insurance in Canton, GA. We will work with you to find protection that will keep you, your family, and friends always protected. Our insurance policies will also protect your boat along with its equipment. It is worth it to protect your investment, so you do not have to pay out of pocket if you happen to experience an accident while on the water.

Boat & Watercraft Insurance Requirements

It may be a good thing that the state of Georgia does not require boat owners to obtain insurance. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not obtain insurance. You simply put yourself at risk by not having insurance. While there are no laws that make it mandatory to carry insurance on your boat, you may be required to show proof of insurance if you plan on keeping your boat docked at a marina.

Boat & Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Choosing insurance to protect your boat and other watercraft is the best decision you could make. Here are some of the coverage options you can choose from:

  • Liability - This is like auto insurance liability protection. It gives coverage to other boat owners if you happen to be at fault for an accident. It will cover all repair or replacement expenses.
  • Agreed value coverage - Just like cars, boats depreciate as well. With this coverage, you will receive the value you insured it for if you suffer a total loss.
  • Physical damage - This coverage pays for all expenses to repair or replace your boat or other permanently attached equipment.
  • Uninsured/underinsured - If you are involved in an accident with another boater who either has no insurance or not enough insurance, this coverage will cover lost wages and medical expenses.


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